Treatment Specialties


Treatment Specialties

At SYTI Counseling, we have a wide range of treatment specialties. Our therapists bring not just our training and expertise to the therapeutic relationship, but also our compassion as human beings who understand how it feels to struggle in a world that pressures us to be anything but our true selves. Please see below for a comprehensive list of treatment specialties along with our treatment approach.


SYTI Counseling was built around the belief that everyone deserves a safe space to land, and for many people, that looks like having a therapist with whom you have a great relationship. Regardless of where you are in your life, we all deserve to make healing our priority; and no matter what you are struggling with, we welcome the opportunity to help see you through it.

We understand that looking for a therapist who is the right fit can feel like a daunting task, so in an attempt to make it easier for you, we offer free 15-minute phone consultations with the therapist of your choice. If you would like to request a free phone consultation or schedule your first appointment, go to our book appointment page to get started.


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