Noel, CGC, Therapy Dog

Noel, CGC, Therapy Dog

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Noel belongs to the SYTI counseling group practice owner, Alyssa Scolari. When Alyssa opened up her practice back in 2020, she knew that having a dog accompany her during her workday was non-negotiable. Alyssa believes that nearly all animals, especially dogs, are capable of bringing so much joy and comfort into our lives – and Alyssa isn’t the only one who feels this way – even Sigmund Freud used to bring his dog into his therapy sessions to help his clients all the way back in the 1800’s! The term Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) was officially coined in the 1960’s, and since then, countless studies have shown the numerous benefits that come from having pets around. We know that interacting with animals releases hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin. These hormones play a crucial role in lowering blood pressure and decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression in humans. 

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Noel is a 4 year old red tri-colored Australian Shepherd. Australian Shepherds are known for their incredible intelligence and high energy. They are referred to as “working dogs” because they always like to be stimulated, whether it be through herding sheep on a farm, playing fetch outside, or engaging with other people or dogs. Noel went through two rigorous training courses designed by the American Kennel Club in order to become a certified therapy dog. She first became certified as an AKC S.T.A.R. puppy and then moved on to get her certification as an AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) dog. When Noel is not on the job, she loves to play at home with her other siblings. Her favorite thing to do (besides eat a good meal!) is herd her toys in the backyard and dribble balls around the yard like the world’s best soccer player. She is the silliest, sweetest girl and has so much love for everyone she meets.

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Since Alyssa opened up her private practice in 2020, it has been nothing short of amazing to watch the bond that Noel has had with so many patients. There is nothing quite like walking into your therapy session and seeing Noel explode with joy as she greets you. Noel learns to become highly in tune with the emotions of our patients, and she will support you through difficult moments by putting her head in your lap or gently leaning her body up against your legs. Animal Assisted Therapy has been the perfect supplement to our treatment approach with patients, whether it’s someone who has been through trauma, has an eating disorder, or suffers from depression. We may be biased here at SYTI counseling, but we think Noel is simply the best! 

Not A Dog Person?

Allergic to animals? 

That’s no problem! Noel belongs to the SYTI counseling practice owner, Alyssa Scolari, and only attends Alyssa’s sessions (aside from speaking events). If you do not wish to have Animal Assisted Therapy or if you are allergic to dogs, we will be sure to set you up with one of our other therapists who will not have any animals in the session.

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